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Environmental education

Species involves children and adults to become interested in nature and to contribute actively in its protection

  • Experiential education activities for schools
  • Training programs for professionals on environmental issues
  • Field trips for children and adults accompanied by our skilled environmental tour guides
  • Exhibitions on environmental issues
  • Production of field guides and popular scientific books
  • Organization and assistance for seminars, conferences and training programs
Scientific Services

Species’ skilled professionals provide services for nature conservation projects

  • Direct and indirect (camera traps, signs of presence) count assessments of wildlife
  • Capture and marking of animals
  • VHF radio tracking and GPS telemetry
  • Behavioural observation
  • Studies on feeding behavior patterns of wildlife by faecal and stomach content analyses
  • Monitoring of damage caused by wildlife
  • Taxonomic identification of animal and plant samples
  • Preparation of animal samples for museums
  • Assessment of predation or cause of death of wildlife
  • Biometric analyses
  • Biotic Index evaluation of rivers and lakes
  • Plant community assessments
  • Sampling and monitoring design
  • Design of database and geodatabase
  • G.I.S. analyses and photographic interpretation
  • Statistical analyses
Environmental consultancy services

The objective of Species’ consultancy service is to contribute actively in nature conservation and restoration of natural resources

  • Environmental restoration
  • Development of conservation programs
  • Environmental impact assessments
Species Servizi e Consulenze a.t.p.

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