Thinking biodiversely
Species has two different legal status
Species Association

The non-profit organization comprises 8 professionals in Nature Sciences, Management and Conservation of Environmental and Natural Resources, Environmental Sciences, Zoology and Farmacy. They are experiences cunsultants in the field of nature conservation, ecological research and environmental education.

Species promotes the conservation and sustainable use of natural resources and environment, focusing on endangered species and taxa and on areas and ecosystems of particular scientific or ecological value.

Species Servizi e Consulenze a.t.p.

Species SC atp is an association of professionals which offers services and consulting in environmental restoration, management of natural resources, as well as training and environmental education.

Associazione Species

Viale Mazzini 95
53100 Siena (Si)- Italia

Species Servizi e Consulenze a.t.p.

Via dello spuntone 53 53034 Colle di Val d'Elsa (SI)


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